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Roofing and walling details

Hand made copper mitred corner detail
Copper Standing Seam roof panel detail. Made to order in copper, zinc or stainless steel. Recommended for coastal areas (no corrosion) or heritage buildings
Hand made copper half round gutter with external bracket
Close up of copper standing seam
Half round copper gutter end with external bracket detail
Hand made copper convex roof with standing seam detail
ColorBond Klip-Lok roof
Close up of copper down pipe nozzle
Example of standing seam panel detail
Slate roof with hip capping detail
Close up of made to order nozzle in copper
ColorBond roll top ridge roof
Half round gutter in copper
Close up of standing seam panel on wall
Example of ColorBond Roofing
Close up of mitred hip on slate roof
Example of a copper rain water head and round down pipe with a half round gutter, recommended for heritage buildings
Close ups of slate ridge cap in copper and slate roof valley